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Delphi Components and Routines for Calendars and Date/Time Manipulation.
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April 17, 2014

About ESBPCS-Dates for VCL

ESBPCS-Dates is a subset of ESBPCS (ESB Professional Computation Suite) containing Components and Routines for Calendars and Date/Time Manipulation in Embarcadero (formerly CodGear/Borland) Delphi or C++ Builder.This subset is ideal for people who just want the Calendar and/or Date/Time parts of ESBPCS, though you can upgrade to the full version at any time. Also includes Routines and Components covering Duration, TimeZones, Month Arithmetic, Week Arithmetic, different standards and much more.The subset includes a good collection of Edits, SpinEdits, ComboBoxes, Memos, CheckBoxes, RadioGroups, CheckGroups as well as a huge collection of routines. Also Includes Data Aware Components, Help and full source.

Changes in this version:

Added support added for VCL versions of Delphi XE6 and C++ Builder XE6

System requirements:

Embarcadero (formerly CodeGear/Borland) Delphi or C++ Builder

( By ESB Consultancy - ESBPCS-Dates for VCL Publisher )

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